Could hurricane season add to the growing inventory crisis in the US?

 · Hurricane Harvey brought an abrupt and catastrophic end to the 12 year long major hurricane landfall drought in the US. Were climate engineering programs a factor in the Harvey disaster scenario ? Available data has already made clear the answer is yes.

6 things you should do now to prepare for hurricane season. Paul Clement June 1, 2017. May 31, 2017 Read Article. How mortgage rates and housing inventory could affect your finances. Mauro Harto April 26, 2017 Read Article. Helping creativity and culture grow in our local communities.

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The 2010 Atlantic hurricane season may be one of the worst on record, US officials warned thursday, amid fears it could deepen an oil crisis in the Gulf of Mexico and bring new misery to Haiti.

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If 2017’s hurricane season taught us anything, it’s that prolonged power outages can compound the difficulties of a major storm event. Surprisingly, a reliable light source is often overlooked as a survival tool. Solar-powered lanterns offer light even when electricity is scarce.

The owner of this small, but growing business was enjoying the winter, although he knew that the hurricane season would return again and he would again face the possibility of severe natural disasters. But he never had that opportunity, because his business burned to the ground in the off-season.

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Tuesday, August 23, 2005. Tropical Depression Twelve formed a category 1 hurricane over the Bahamas at 5:00 p.m. EDT (2100 UTC) on August 23, 2005, partially from the remains of Tropical Depression Ten, which had dissipated due to the effects of a nearby upper trough.

Drivers growing concerned over tall grass obstructing traffic on I-75 and Warren Avenue in Detroit. Can’t we just nuke them? (Spoiler alert: No). The U.S. is in peak hurricane season right.

Using the hurricane lemon to make lemonade. And that’s why the hurricane season this year won Supply Chain Dive’s Crisis of the Year Award – the hurricanes were a significant crisis that upended supply chains, but businesses have managed to spring back and turn the crisis into an opportunity.

The US is allied with Iraq, which is allied with Iran, which supports the Syrian regime, which the US hopes to help topple. The US is also allied with Qatar, which subsidizes Hamas, and with Saudi Arabia, which funds the Salafis who inspire jihadists who kill Americans wherever they can.

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