Florida’s foreclosure crisis far from over

In spite of the progress made in recent years, the foreclosure crisis is far from over. After nearly ten years, foreclosure is an issue that continues to plague homeowners across the country. A Timeline of the Crisis. As most Americans know, the Great Recession of 2007-09 came hand in hand with a major housing bubble burst.

Rhode Island’s Foreclosure Crisis Far From Over. Tuesday, July 23, 2013.. says steady improvements in the slow-motion foreclosure crisis shouldn’t be expected before the second half of 2015.

If you think the torrent of foreclosures affecting every city and nearly every neighborhood and street in South Florida is as bad as it can get, here is a harsh new reality: There’s a new wave of.

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Jeff Hayward, president and CEO, Heart of Florida United Way Last week: National headlines remind us of the insurmountable.

(AP) — Six months after the announcement of a 49-state settlement with lenders over mortgage foreclosure. money recovered on behalf of Florida’s homeowners is used in ways that ameliorate the.

So it just might be time to declare the repossession plague over. October’s 997,000 number. Twenty-one states showed big decreases in foreclosure inventory, with Florida, one of the epicenters of.

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Without robust, carefully-targeted federal policies to mitigate the community-level impacts of foreclosure, local and state efforts will invariably fall far short of what. wake of the mortgage.

That leaves fewer people and less money to tackle the state’s 300,000 lingering foreclosure cases, with more on the way. But Florida is far from alone. market languishing long after the financial.

"Anything over 700 used to be a great score,” she said. As the foreclosure crisis deepens, many people have flooded not-for-profit organizations such as Neighborhood Housing Services of South Florida, which averages between 50 and 70 new cases a week.

Great Recession, 10 years later: Foreclosure crisis cut deeply; the sting is still felt. An intense and rapid flurry of mortgage foreclosures drove many from their homes in SW Florida during the.

. highest foreclosure rates are Florida, Maryland, Ohio, Connecticut, New Mexico, Illinois, Nevada, Georgia, South Carolina and Utah. Of these, the first 6 are judicial states. The foreclosure.