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I knew a California guy in Las Vegas he ‘owned’ three condos in the building I was renting in. He had "flipped" 20+ houses and when the whole ponzie scheme fell apart in the summer of 2007 he mailed the keys into the bank who held the mortgages with 5% down on the 3 condos and walked away a multi-millionaire having won 17 times and only lost the final 3 times.

Then maybe you could make some money teaching vocabulary words. Impecunious comes from the old Latin word for money, pecunia, combined with the prefix im, meaning not or without. But impecunious doesnt just mean having no money. It means that you almost never have any money. If you go into the arts, you are most likely facing an impecunious future.

Money directly spent into existence by the government for services or goods rendered. joebhed. Yes, that is the only way government money should enter the economy besides giving it away such as for Steve Keen’s universal bailout (“A Modern Jubilee”). There is no problem in lending real money.

 · He was Morris’s colleague from Philadelphia. To keep your shirt from being burned off, you either had to have money or you had to stay out of Washington, in terms of expecting to make money here. This is one of the reasons why William Prout is such an interesting character, because he came here, stayed here, and did make money.

ADRIENNE STOKES: Never, you know, did no refinancing the home. I just wanted a home equity loan to fix up my house.. Why is it that when communities gentrify, when new money comes in, when.

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But instead of facing up to it, they have built up defences against it: And on and on. Why not just face up to it? Because part of their sense of self worth is built on being white and how whites are.

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Flashback to 2008.. "This is a scam of the greatest magnitude," says Speaker Pelosi. Rising gas prices affect groups like the Boys and Girls Club that is cutting programs to save costs, a small businessman who finds himself being priced out of competition or a caregiver who can’t afford gas to get to clients.

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