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It uses careful lighting and contextual Indian music to ease patrons. It shows the dancing image of Krishna at the center, flanked on either side by dancing maidens. Nancy Stone / Chicago Tribune.

Das was careful not to describe the Krishna following as a “movement” because of the sensitivity of the word in Communist China. “We do not want any trouble with the government. The programmes were.

The effort also resulted in a concert in Mumbai. Krishna says the idea was to not tamper with the Jogappa style and sound. Careful, then, not to “destroy (any) inherent aesthetics in the process" of.

More information about Vrindavan. Around 15 km from Mathura, Vrindavan is a town of innumerable temples dotted across its landscape. According to legends, lord krishna spent his childhood days in the town of Vrindavan. It is a prominent and most dearly loved town by devotees of Lord Krishna. Vrindavan borrows its name from Vrinda,

Lately, though, more careful research has determined that the. their hair and who can guess what else to the love of.

(HT/Sutirtho Patranobis) The cult of Krishna is growing in officially atheist China. Numbers are difficult to compile and often anecdotal in nature, but the philosophy of love and devotion as symbolised by Krishna, one of Hinduism’s popular deities, is evidently attracting many Chinese in urban areas.

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By His Divine Grace A. C. bhaktivedanta swami prabhupada If you are passing through thorns, you must be very careful. Otherwise the thorns will get stuck up with your garment, and you will be inconvenienced. It is said in the Vedas, ksurasya dhr niit duratyay1. Just like we shave with a razor – the razor.

I felt happy when Nayanar’s son Krishna Kumar told me my that my decade-old cartoons. He further said modern cartoonists should be careful as society has become intolerant, especially to satirical.

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Janmashtami, Lord Krishna's birthday celebrations in Dehra Dun. father of Krishna, that the child could be saved with careful, risk-filled work to transfer Him to.