Florida: Still struggling after the housing bust

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Two years after the recession officially ended, the jobless rate in this county one hour south of Jacksonville was 13.8 percent in April – down from 14.5 percent in March but still the highest.

"A decade after the financial crisis it’s clear that, just as the bust was felt very differently across the country, so has the recovery. Looking back, the housing bust was a rare historical moment when housing markets across the country moved in sync," said zillow senior economist aaron Terrazas.

Florida: Still struggling after the housing bust. For the last few years, there has been little movement in Florida’s foreclosures. The result is more than 300,000 homes in some state of foreclosure – homes and families in limbo. It’s called a shadow inventory, and Florida has the highest amount in the country.

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In Florida, home values have dropped by 40 percent or more in some areas since the housing bust. nationwide. JED KOLKO, Chief Economist, Trulia: The housing market is still struggling in most parts.

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A Decade After Housing Bust, Recovery is a Story of Location A Handful of Powerful Markets Lead the Nation’s Recovery, But Millions of Homeowners Are Still Waiting to Regain Lost Value — The median home value nationwide is 8.7 percent higher than it was at the height of the housing bubble.

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