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Drapes and Curtains- Hang drapes over crossbars in wardrobe cartons or fold and pack in clean cartons. Remove curtains from rods; fold and pack in cartons or bureau drawers. Remove curtains from rods; fold and pack in cartons or bureau drawers.

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Comprehensive stage inspections for rigging and fire curtains by ETCP Certified rigging professionals. Fulfills your annual OSHA inspection requirement.

Draperies & curtains. Clothing wardrobes are ideal for moving curtains and draperies. Fold them lengthwise, place over a padded hanger, pin securely and hang in the wardrobe. Draperies and curtains also may be folded and packed in cartons lined with clean paper or plastic wrap. Rugs. Leave rugs on the floor for the moving company to handle.

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Mortgage Masters Group curtain sulking: breakables inspectors Our Canyon Expeditions group had five 18-foot oar boats , a passenger-powered 14-foot paddle boat and (later on) two inflatable kayaks. It took a few days to get into the swing of the daily routine.

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