Trump’s Tax Cut – FDR Would Be Envious

Envious people will be most miserable in a free, prosperous society in which some people common folk are better off than others. Why not free universal healthcare is a simple question. The answer is complicated and requires some understanding of economics.

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 · Donald Trump is reminiscent of Samuel Gompers: In all things economic, he is a Malthusian, not a Social Darwinist like Ronald Reagan – or Ted Cruz, whose goal of eliminating the IRS would necessarily lead to the income tax being replaced by a “head tax” in which everyone pays the identical dollar amount: The worker at Tyson’s pays $7,000 a year, Bill Gates pays $7,000 a year -.

This palette is meant “to highlight FDR’s personal copy of A Christmas. the shutdown chaos and austerity schemes of Donald Trump and his congressional allies. Desperate to find money to fund their.

WASHINGTON – House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Senate minority leader chuck schumer emerged from the White House on Tuesday after meeting with President Donald Trump. They announced. Trump to shave.

Middle Class Loses, Plutocrats Win With Trump's Tax Cuts If there really was a deep state intent on stopping Donald Trump, he would be in prison right now (h/t Howard Fineman twitter). He would have been exposed during the 2016 election, if not before. He would be doing hard time for any number of financial crimes, not to mention witness tampering, obstruction of justice, tax fraud, and on and on.

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 · Funny story: a history teacher who was a big FDR fan totally bought the party line that the New Deal brought the US out of the depression. As he taught this mumbo-jumbo, he used one of those projectors they used to use to show us the yearly GNP during each year of the Depression.

 · FDR’s highest rating was #1, which he received a half dozen times, and his lowest was #3. Conversely, Ronald Reagan has been part of 15 of those 19 surveys but has never once rated above Roosevelt (either of them). Reagan’s aggregate ranking is #16. His highest ever rating was #6 (once), and his lowest rating was #26.

A reinvigorated U.S. economy under Donald Trump is a better bet than Canada. according to top-performing money managers north of the border. President Trump’s tax cuts and pro-business agenda have.

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