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The White Coat Investor is a 150-ish page exploration of this idea and more, and Dahle gets right to the point: many physicians are not particularly good with money. He outlines reasons for this, but the most compelling one to me is that there is a difference in having a high income and doing something.

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He blogs at The White Coat Investor, and also wrote "The White Coat Investor: A Doctor’s Guide to Personal Finance and Investing." I doubt any employed person is adding the employer half of his Social Security taxes back to his gross income before calculating his tithing, much less the unknown.

Student loans, car loans, credit card loans, vacation loans, and. Doctors only get 30 years, so they really need to be saving 15% if. Yet far too many don't take advantage of the simple tax shelters. Those doctors investing outside retirement accounts don't realize the. Personal and Professional Divorce.

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A Doctor with a Sick $503,000 Investment Portfolio Doctors assume that reducing their tax burden is a function of finding the right accountant to prepare their taxes when in reality it is more a James M. Dahle, MD, FACEP is the author of The White Coat Investor: A Doctor’s Guide to Personal Finance and Investing and blogs at whitecoatinvestor.com.

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Investing And Personal Finance For Doctors. The White Coat Investor has identified 150 other asset allocations that are "better than yours", although I think Bonds are there as a safe haven and diversifier. If we experience a downturn worse than the Great Depression, I should have something left.

There is also a line for an IRA deduction and student loan interest. This used to be a big deduction, especially for doctors in high tax states with high property taxes, like those in the Northeast.. On line 15, you add up all your tax.. 15 Worst Tax Reduction Techniques · 7 Ways the IRS Supports Your.

Invest with taxed money: If you still have money left over for your savings goal, you can invest an infinite amount in a standard portfolio through a stock platform like Robinhood or E-trade. For the rest of us, use a technique called dollar cost averaging to reduce the risk that you pay too much for shares.