Report: Florida agency spent $100,000-plus on own employees instead of helping homeowners

In Florida, money from the National Mortgage Settlement that is supposed to help borrowers instead funds foreclosure courts, which have a stated directive to dispose of cases and get to evictions.

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A Non-construction industry employer is required to obtain a Florida policy through a Florida-licensed insurance company once it has 4 or more employees working in Florida. For more information, please review Section 440.10(1)(g) , Florida Statutes and 69L-6.019 Florida Administrative Code.

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A Florida insurance agency wanted to help local prospects get their questions answered easily about Medicare, so they mailed out postage-paid business reply cards. Take a look: This agency provided their own insurance mailing list of 6,000 people who were about to turn 65 and thus, become eligible for Medicare benefits.

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Report: Florida agency spent $100,000-plus on own employees instead of helping homeowners . Post By Corey Thomas .

CCFJ.NET: Report: Florida agency spent $100,000-plus on own employees instead of helping homeowners Article Courtesy of The Tampa Bay Times By Susan Taylor Martin Published September 6, 2016 Instead of doing all it could to help struggling homeowners, Florida’s housing agency spent more than $100,000 in federal Hardest Hit funds on bonuses and perks for its own.

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